B. 1984 — Stuttgart, Germany



The Moleskine Project VI — Spoke Art, San Francisco, CA

White Noise / Black Calm (Solo Exhibition) — Supersonic Art Gallery

In Dreams: An Art Show Tribute to David Lynch — Spoke Art, New York, NY

Edge of Realism — Abend Gallery, Denver, CO

Contemporary Figuration — Abend Gallery, Denver, CO

The Moleskine Project V — Spoke Art, San Francisco, CA

4th Annual 12X12 Show — Gauntlet Gallery, San Francisco, CA

Wes Anderson Art Show (Curated by Spoke Art) — Joseph Gross Gallery, New York, NY

Small Works Invitational — Baker + Hesseldenz, Tucson, AZ

The Color of Strangeness: Jeunet & Caro — Spoke Art, San Francisco, CA

Portraiture Now — Baker + Hesseldenz, Tucson, AZ

The Moleskine Project IV — Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco, CA

Thank God It's Frida — Gauntlet Gallery, San Francisco, CA

LAX/SFO (Curated by Thinkspace) — Hashimoto Contemporary, San Francisco, CA